Why Chiropractic Care for Athletes is Essential

A common misconception about chiropractors is that they just “crack backs” – but this is very far from the truth. Chiropractors are necessary for a range of health-related treatments, from migraines, range of motion, ADHD, arthritis, high blood pressure, and therapeutic support for cancer.  Dr. Barry Goldstein is a New York chiropractor who specializes in clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, and contact reflect analysis. Amongst people of all occupations and ages, his practice has shown that regular chiropractic care for athletes has major health and performance benefits.

It’s no secret that sports can cause a wide variety of physical ailments in athletes, compromising their strength, speed, flexibility, and coordination. Whether an athlete engages in high impact sports like football, hockey, and wrestling, or low impact sports like golf and tennis, the constant tension and strain on the body should be addressed and alleviated to keep the athlete performing in top condition.

“I’ve been going to chiropractors for as long as I can remember. It’s as important to my training as practicing my swing.” –Tiger Woods

Here’s How Dr. Barry Goldstein Can Provide Beneficial Chiropractic Care for Athletes:

Treatment for sports related injuries. Even minor injuries in sports should be immediately addressed and treated before they restrict the athlete. Stiffness, soreness, pain, and improper alignment that come from high impact sports can be alleviated with the help of a trained chiropractor. Additionally, Spinal manipulation can assist in headache relief, originating from the neck.

Prevent injury. Chiropractors shouldn’t only be called after an injury takes place. The careful work that a New York chiropractor can do helps prevent sports related injuries before they happen. Dr. Barry can provide high impact and low impact athletes with routine spinal adjustments, that relieve strain and help lower the risk of injury.

Improved mobility and range of motion. A study from Physiological Therapeutics found chiropractic care for ankle sprains helped increase motion, decrease pain, and provide overall better ankle mobility in endurance athletes.

Promote physical strength and body maintenance. Dr. Barry treats his clients with a deep understanding of the connection between soft tissues, joints, movement patterns, and the coordination within the nervous system to promote physical strength and continuous body maintenance. Athletes can continue to perform in optimum shape.

Healthy alternative to surgery and pain medications. Typically, the pain that comes from sports related injuries is treated with invasive surgery or pain medications, which can do more harm than good. Chiropractic care offers a natural way to treat and prevent many different ailments that often plague athletes.

Increase performance potential. Most importantly, regular athletes receiving ongoing chiropractic care can increase their performance potential with a healthy and strong body.

Everyone can benefit from incorporating chiropractic care with Dr. Barry into their overall health and wellness plans. In fact, most NFL teams have team chiropractors, and many athletic performance facilities keep a chiropractor on site.

New York chiropractor, Dr. Barry Goldstein, uses spinal adjustments and manipulations to realign the bones and joints to reduce paint, restore range of motion, and improve flexibility, balance, and coordination for athletes in all sports.

Is City Living Causing You Back Pain?

The hustle and bustle of New York City can truly take a toll on the body, and that’s not just a saying. If living in the city seems to be giving you back problems, making changes in your lifestyle can ease some of your discomfort. For many people, there is no perfect solution to back pain. However, with the help of New York chiropractor Dr. Barry Goldstein, you can control your back pain enough to the point where you can enjoy normal, everyday activities.

To make your subway commute less painful, stand with your legs slightly wider than your hips to evenly distribute your weight to prevent pain in your back and your hips. If sitting, make sure you are sitting up straight with your back touching the back of the chair, while both feet are on the ground. By sitting like this, you are evenly distributing your weight on your ischial tuberosities (your butt-bones); this keeps your spine in alignment.

When walking in the city, New York chiropractor Dr. Barry Goldstein says that repetitive movements can make an existing back pain feel worse. While you walk, make sure to engage your abs by pulling your belly button towards your spine, as if you were flattening your stomach to zip up a pair of tight jeans. Also, make sure to wear the correct shoes if you know you are going to be walking for a good amount of time. Dr. Barry Goldstein says the right shoes can make the world of a difference, so if you like to walk in New York City, invest in a good pair of walking shoes that are not just for fashion, but made with the science of walking and alleviating back pain.

While at work, stretch at your desk and get up at least once every hour to walk around. Regardless of what type of chair you sit in, your head must be straight, not tilted down, when you are typing or reading. It is also pivotal to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor.

For more chiropractic or nutritional questions, contact Dr. Barry Goldstein in New York City today.

4 Causes of Lower Back Problems

A vast number of people experience lower back pain every single day, or have excruciating lower back problems at some point in their life. Fortunately, many lower back problems treat themselves. For those that don’t, Dr. Barry Goldstein specializes in NYC chiropractic adjustment to treat any kind of musculoskeletal pain. Here, we share the most common causes of lower back problems that can be fixed with NYC chiropractic treatments.

Sprains and Strains – These musculoskeletal back injuries can happen from everyday activities such as picking up something heavy from the floor, or working out improperly at the gym. Minor sprains can fix themselves in just a few days, while more serious ones can take weeks or months to heal.

Degenerative or Herniated Discs – Because spinal bones are separated by discs, the discs act as a cushion to the vertebrae. If the outer ring of a disc is damaged, the insides can slip out and put pressure on nerves as they exit the spine. Aging and smoking are two causes of disc injury.

Poor Posture – When you sit for extended periods of time, especially with a poor posture like a hunched head and shoulders rolled forward, your hip muscles can become tight. This pain can worsen if the muscles that surround your spine are weak.

Obesity – If you are overweight, your risk for back pain is much greater than if you maintain your body’s leaner composition.

Dr. Barry Goldstein, an NYC chiropractic, healing, and nutritional specialist is here to help you. If you have lower back problems, contact Dr. Barry Goldstein today.

The Body is an Ecosystem – Overall Wellness

The human body operates very much as the biological ecosystem of our body, and it is essential to aim for overall health and wellness for the body to continue functioning properly. There are sub-ecosystems in our bodies; just like the environment, when one ecosystem malfunctions, it compromises the whole. Dr. Barry Goldstein, a kinesiologist in NYC, is familiar with every function of the body, physiologically ad biomechanically, and is here to share with you the factors of overall wellness care for your body. Wellness is much more than physical health, it is about the mental and spiritual being, as well.

To create a healthy body, the kinesiologist in NYC suggests saying physically active, making sure you are keeping up with good nutrition, avoiding substance abuse, having regular check-ups at the doctor, and keeping good hygiene.

To have a healthy mind, you need to learn how to manage your stress properly. You need to be fully in touch with your feelings and emotions to define emotional wellness, which leads to a healthy mind.

Your nutritionist in NYC shares that the way you eat also has an effect on your overall wellness. Eating well contributes directly to a healthy body and a healthy mind, as well as longevity. A diet including, but not limited to, antioxidants, B-12, and polyunsaturated fat can greatly improve your cognitive function. A healthy diet has two to three servings of protein a day, along with healthy fats, and minimal carbohydrates that can come from fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. You should also be consuming small servings of dairy, and at least eight ounces of water every day.

Kinesiologist in NYC, Dr. Barry Goldstein, has more information in regards to overall wellness care on his blog. If you are looking for a qualified nutritionist in NYC, you are in the right place. Contact Dr. Barry Goldstein today.

Easy Ways to Fix Your Posture

Poor posture can take a serious toll on not only your spine, but your shoulders, hips, knees, and joints, regardless of how healthy you eat and how much you go to the gym. Fortunately, Dr. Barry Goldstein, a NYC chiropractor, can tell you a few ways to fix your posture so you can be sitting and standing up straight in no time.

If you have stiff muscles in the back of your neck that cause your head to lean a bit forward, drop your chin down to your sternum, moving your head only, to stretch the back of your neck. Hold and count to five. Repeat this exercise ten times each day until your posture improves.

If your shoulders are rounded over, the NYC chiropractor says you have a weakness in the middle and lower part of your back muscles. You can lay on the floor facedown, with each arm at a 90-degree angle with your palms down. Raise both of your arms by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Do not change the 90-degree angle of your arms. Hold this for five seconds. Try doing a few sets of 12 repetitions every day to fix your posture.

As far as going to the gym, NYC chiropractor, Dr. Barry Goldstein, suggests practicing yoga, planks, and doing your squats. These movements strengthen your core to fix your posture over time.

To assess your posture and keep up with your progress, the NYC chiropractor says to take full body photos of yourself in a mirror, one from the front and one from the side. Relax all of your muscles and stand as tall as you can, with your feet hip-width apart. If your ear is in front of the midpoint of your shoulder, your head is too far forward. If you can see your shoulder blade, your back is too rounded. Make sure one shoulder is not higher than the other. Your kneecaps should not be pointing inward.

The Right Food for Spine Health

Dr. Barry Goldstein is not just a New York chiropractor, he is a qualified nutritionist. Rather than just treat the symptoms of pain, Dr. Barry believes we should treat the causes and practice preventative medicine. Believe it or not, you can shop for food for spine health.

This leads us to the question, What are the best foods for back pain? We have created a list to get you started. We believe it is important to contact a nutritionist or physician if these grocery items conflict with any other dietary requirements you may have. Call Dr. Barry to discuss food for spine health and make an appointment.

The Spinal Health Grocery List – The Best Food For Back Pain

  • Flax seed
  • Green tea
  • Brightly colored fruits
  • Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans)
  • Dairy (milk, cheese, butter, yogurt)
  • Olive oil
  • Vitamins (A, B12, C, D, K, Calcium)
  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Tuna

The No-Go List – Worst Food For Back Pain

  • Red meats
  • Potatoes
  • Processed, fast foods
  • Foods high in preservatives (crackers, chips)

Even if you think it may be too late to practice preventative medicine for your back pain, change your diet to avoid other pains or the worsening of a current pain you have.

This is a short list of food for spine health. We would like to reiterate that it is important to discuss these options with your doctor or nutritionist. Dr. Barry believes that health must be gained and maintained from more than one perspective. Start watching your diet, get the right form of exercise, and change your mindset.

Here is to a happier and healthier year for you all!


What to Expect from a Chiropractor

New York chiropractor, Dr. Barry Goldstein, answer what to expect from a chiropractor, and gives advice to potential new patients.

Industry experts can attest that a question we hear a lot is, What does a Chiropractor do? Though some people have a common understanding of what chiropractors do, their general knowledge does not reach deeper than the surface level. Long time practicing New York chiropractor, Dr. Barry Goldstein, is in the perfect position to crack this question wide open.

But First – Do Not Be Nervous!

No matter what you have been told about what to expect from a chiropractor, remember that your visit is meant to be a helpful and healing. If Dr. Barry Goldstein is the first New York chiropractor you are seeing, you are in good hands.

Dr. Barry Goldstein has over 20 years of experience, and combines nutrition, kinesiology, and chiropractic to ensure that each patient receives the healing touch they need.

The Chiropractic Exam

Much like any other medical visit, your first visit to a chiropractor will begin with a consultation. This is the perfect time to voice concerns and discuss treatment. What to expect from a chiropractor is closely aligned with what you want and what you communicate.

Be open and honest. Dr. Barry Goldstein has been a New York chiropractor for two decades, meaning he has heard and seen it all. The health and confidence of his patients is of the utmost importance to him.

Dr. Barry Goldstein will examine your back and assess your treatment needs based on what is discovered and what is communicated with him.

Chiropractic Treatment

A treatment plan will be made based on the visit between you and your doctor.

Choosing A New York Clinical Nutritionist That’s Right for You

New York Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Barry Goldstein, realizes that people get interested in nutrition for a variety of reasons. Some want to lose weight, while others are looking to gain muscle, manage diabetes, reduce cholesterol, or improve performance in a particular sport. In regards to clinical nutrition, your desired results will affect the process of finding a New York clinical nutritionist that is right for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you scour the market for a clinical nutritionist in New York:

Credentials and Experience.

There are many health professionals who have varying degrees of licensing and experience, who provide nutritional services. However, you must take into account that credentials do not necessarily make the coach. Be sure to do your research on the different styles of nutrition coaching services.


Similar to other fitness disciplines, New York clinical nutritionists use a variety of methods and coaching styles. This includes clients tracking their calories and food intake with a journal, practicing portion control, and understanding nutrient labels. Some nutritionists give detailed instructions, while others opt for a generalized and habit-based approach.

Counseling abilities.

Some of the best New York clinical nutritionists are also excellent counselors. Food is always a tricky subject and often very personal. Food can be tied to other issues such as self-image, depression, eating disorders, or addiction. Having a nutritionist with counseling skills is immensely helpful.


It is important for you to determine the nutritionist’s philosophy and whether or not it matches your own. Quality New York clinical nutritionists should have an evidence-based approach and continue to push themselves to learn and improve their knowledge.


These days with social media, it is not difficult to get a good grasp of a nutritionist’s reputation. In addition, you can find any works that they have produced or written, and that will help you make a more educated decision about whether or not you should hire them as a clinical nutritionist.

Chiropractic Care for Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can be developed early in life or in later life due to unhealthy lifestyles. Regardless of the type of diabetes, Dr. Barry Goldstein knows that those who suffer from diabetes must take great care in maintaining healthy levels of glucose in order to prevent serious damage to their bodies.

The treatment options that are available for diabetes is based on the form of diabetes. Those individuals that suffer from Type 1 diabetes are required to use insulin, while Type 2 sufferers may be able to control insulin levels by maintaining a healthy eating regimen and exercise schedule.

According to a new study, there may be a new way to help control your blood sugar level without extra medication. Chiropractic care may help in stabilizing healthy levels of blood sugar for both diabetic sufferers and those who do not suffer from the disease.

How can chiropractic care be used for treating diabetes?

The upper neck and middle of the back are responsible for supplying nerve signals to the brain and other vital organs. If there is not sufficient amount of communication, the pancreas, blood sugar, and digestion are all affected.

When both the blood sugar and digestion are not properly functioning, there are two major health risks that may occur: diabetes and hypoglycemia. Chiropractic care can act as additional treatment option in addition to the regimen prescribed by the doctor.

Chiropractic care options for diabetes.

Chiropractic treatment options for diabetes include correcting misalignments of the spine. This form of chiropractic care helps the relationship between the nervous system and the organs.

Chiropractic care is focused on allowing our spine and nerves to work optimally, helping organs to function to their best ability. In addition to helping our organs function properly, realigning the spine may also help increase immune system performance and the function of hormones.

The Stages and Benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care

All chiropractic wellness care begins with an initial examination from a Times Square chiropractor. After this, x-rays may be recommended to determine the seriousness of your condition. In addition to the adjustment, your chiropractor may recommend certain exercises, diets, and methods of improving your posture.

To fully understand the process when you visit a chiropractor, Dr. Barry Goldstein outlines the stages of chiropractic wellness care along with the benefits:

The Stages of Care.

  • Initial Intensive Care.

The first stage of chiropractic wellness care are referred to as Relief or Acute Care. This session is designed to eliminate the majority of your body’s discomfort and stabilize your condition in a short amount of time. Repeated visits will be required to reduce or eliminate the symptoms completely.


  • Rehabilitative Care.

Once the Initial Intensive Care stage has been completed, the option of undergoing Rehabilitative Care will become available to you. The objective of this stage is to address and correct the underlying spinal injury, as well as strengthen the muscles, improve spinal function, and optimize the healing of tissue and organ systems. Visits happen at reducing frequency and are supplemented by exercise.


The third and final option available from Times Square chiropractors is the Chiropractic Wellness Care stage. It is designed to maintain your improved health and spinal function, as well as prevent the return of the original condition. The regular attention of this stage catches minor problems before they become serious. Prevention saves time and money by keeping you well.