4 Causes of Lower Back Problems

A vast number of people experience lower back pain every single day, or have excruciating lower back problems at some point in their life. Fortunately, many lower back problems treat themselves. For those that don’t, Dr. Barry Goldstein specializes in NYC chiropractic adjustment to treat any kind of musculoskeletal pain. Here, we share the most common causes of lower back problems that can be fixed with NYC chiropractic treatments.

Sprains and Strains – These musculoskeletal back injuries can happen from everyday activities such as picking up something heavy from the floor, or working out improperly at the gym. Minor sprains can fix themselves in just a few days, while more serious ones can take weeks or months to heal.

Degenerative or Herniated Discs – Because spinal bones are separated by discs, the discs act as a cushion to the vertebrae. If the outer ring of a disc is damaged, the insides can slip out and put pressure on nerves as they exit the spine. Aging and smoking are two causes of disc injury.

Poor Posture – When you sit for extended periods of time, especially with a poor posture like a hunched head and shoulders rolled forward, your hip muscles can become tight. This pain can worsen if the muscles that surround your spine are weak.

Obesity – If you are overweight, your risk for back pain is much greater than if you maintain your body’s leaner composition.

Dr. Barry Goldstein, an NYC chiropractic, healing, and nutritional specialist is here to help you. If you have lower back problems, contact Dr. Barry Goldstein today.

Avoid Back Pain at Work

You might love spending time at your job, but sitting at a desk all day can have negative effects on your body over time. Spending hours sitting down and staring at a computer can lead to crippling back pain over time. Years of this will cause immense pain and will inevitably affect your work performance and your health.

Along with professional care from New York Chiropractor Dr. Barry, there are simple ways you can avoid back pain and discomfort while at work:

  1. Don’t lean forward toward your computer.
  2. Keep your head up above your shoulders, and focus on aligning your head and neck.
  3. Keep your mouse close so you don’t overreach for hours at a time.
  4. Select a chair with lumbar support. You want your back to rest against a supportive back, while the top is slightly reclined.
  5. Try to keep your torso about an arm’s length from the monitor.
  6. Position your knees at a 90-degree angle, directly above your ankles.
  7. Keep your feet flat on the floor, and shoulder width apart. This will decrease tension in your knees and ankles, that will travel up to your back.
  8. Once an hour, get up from your desk and stretch, walk around, and boost your circulation. Periodic stretching will give your spinal disks a much-needed break.
  9. Don’t cross your legs! It may seem comfortable, but crossing your legs interrupts blood flow and blocks you from keeping your spine straight.
  10. Never pin the phone between your head and your shoulder. This movement puts a heavy strain on your neck.

Don’t wait for your monthly visit to a New York chiropractor – try these tips to avoid back pain and protect your neck and spine while at work.

Tips for Protecting Your Lower Back

The human body is an amazingly resilient and flexible creation that can withstand a considerable amount of stresses and trauma. Spinal anatomy in itself is a marvel of human nature, it holds our bodies up while we bend, twist, and lift heavy objects. Dr. Barry, a Times Square chiropractor, knows that many people take the flexibility, strength, and structure of the spine for granted until something goes wrong.

Since the lower back is the most frequently injured area of the spine, the chiropractor in Times Square recommends the following tips for protecting your lower back:

1. Correct your posture. Poor posture places unnecessary pressure on the lower back and can cause the degenerated disks to be more painful. New York City chiropractor, Dr. Barry, recommends that you support the natural curve in the lower back, remind yourself to check your posture throughout the day, and make sure that you get up and walk around at least once an hour.

2. Exercise regularly. It is important to have strong core muscles in order to support the lower back and avoid injury. Dr. Barry suggests moderate aerobic exercise, which will increase blood flow to the spine and supply it with healing nutrients, as well as hydrate the discs.

3. Use proper form when lifting heavy objects. You can cause serious injury to your spine if you do not lift heavy objects properly. You should never lift a heavy object with the pressure on your lower back. Always distribute the weight and use your legs to lift.

 4. Stretch your hamstrings. Tight hamstrings can also cause lower back pain. Simple hamstring stretches can help decrease the pressure on the pelvis and provide relief across the lower back.

The Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

There are many misconceptions about New York City chiropractic practices and their training. However, many people do not realize that chiropractic programs are incorporated in an entire year of PhD-level advanced nutrition training. Millions of people have experienced the numerous benefits of seeing a chiropractor in New York City for lower back pain.

A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that patients who suffer from chronic lower back pain treated by chiropractors showed greater improvement in one month than patients who were treated by general practitioners. Another study published in the British Medical Journal showed that the clinic outcome of chiropractic adjustments resulted in a faster recovery than physiotherapy and family physician care.

Dr. Barry Goldstein is a Garment District chiropractor who prides himself on taking a natural, drugless, and holistic approach to helping his patients alleviate lower back pain. Chiropractic adjustments help place your body in a position where it can heal itself and free your immune system, so that it can focus on keeping you healthy. Dr. Barry Goldstein believes that pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong and that health is the answer to taking care of ourselves. Proper nutrition, exercise, maintaining a positive attitude, along with chiropractic care can bring forth a healthy body inside and out.