How Kinesiology Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is dreadful, but it can be treated. Dr. Barry Goldstein in New York uses kinesiology to relieve back pain, but his total view on health will prevent future injuries and create total wellness rather than just treatment. How does it work?

What is Kinesiology?

Simply put, kinesiology is the study of biological movement. Dr. Barry studies the science of kinesiology so he can use the techniques to improve the quality of life for his patients. The techniques used ultimately aim to use kinesiology to relieve back pain, but have more long-term effects that last well outside of the chiropractor’s office.

Kinesiology and Back Pain

The human spine is a very strong and very intricate structure. The muscles, bones and nerves all connect to make the human spine. Throughout our lives, our spines are subjected to a lot of pressure and stress, which can lead to back pain.

Kinesiology relieves back pain by focusing not only on the spine, but in the muscles that are pulling and pushing the spine. Dr. Barry uses his knowledge of kinesiology and chiropractic care to relieve back pain in patients by focusing on total movements throughout the spine, and the muscles around the spine.

Total Balance and Healing

Dr. Barry knows that kinesiology relieves back pain, but that is not enough. The truth is, we can and should lead lives that are balanced and healthy. If we practice preventative living while maintaining healthy lifestyles, we will prevent future issues and reoccurrences.

The statement above is exactly why Dr. Barry combines kinesiology, chiropractic care, and nutrition to create balance and wellness. Consider not only your back pain, but also how your lifestyle and mental state affects and possibly causes some of that pain.

When you are ready for a new, healthy lifestyle, Dr. Barry is the New York chiropractor to contact.