“Since age 17, I suffered from Arthritis, by 40 my hips where replaced, my back hurt, mychiro2 knee was swollen, and my Rheumatoid Arthritis was at its peak. In three days I started to notice a difference. Three months later I went to my rheumatologist and had my blood taken. According to my Rheumatologist, I have officially no arthritis (inflammation factors measurable in the blood). I have much more energy, less pain and overall, feel stronger. I would recommend these treatments to anyone!” Eva O.

“I have bulging discs and suffer from sciatica. I rated my pain level as 10+. I couldn’t stand for more than 5-6 minutes without having to lie on my  ack. I suffered from the same problem a few years age and was seeing another chiropractor for over a year with no results. Dr. Goldstein evaluated me and found that my kidney’s and bladder were my “hot spots”; after two months I was pain free.” Lydia R.

It was truly amazing that I had just completed my Annual Physical and my annual labs were all within normal range. My Primary Physician told me I was in good health, but I felt horrible. I was having constant headaches, my digestive system was not functioning right, I was bloated, constipated and belched consistently. I was having back pain, foot pain, my lower intestines and gall bladder was out of balance. My neck was swollen, didn’t know why. I was a hot mess, confused and did not understand what was happening with my body. He explained why my digestive system was not functioning the way it should as he address my lower intestines and gallbladder. His evaluation also concluded that my swollen neck was a result of my imbalance Thyroid, my lower back pain was a direct result of my kidney function. Initially my visits were weekly. Swelling in the neck is gone, digestive system is flowing and my headaches are gone.  I am so thankful and grateful for the work that Dr Goldstein has done with me. He has given me my health back. I am so excited. I am not just getting through the days anymore feeling crappy. I am now energized, happy and alert, not to mention I lost a few pounds.” My Journey Was Self Empowering.” Gwen M.

I couldn’t sit for a long period of time. I had a very hard time trying to stand up right. The pain was across my lower back and down my left leg. I had interruptions in sleeping – turning over and such. After a few sessions, my lower back is feeling great, no pain. I can sit and stand without any pain. Sleeping is more comfortable – no interruptions. – Tom D.

I had a lot of soreness – backache and pain. After my treatments my back pain is much better. I used to wake up with soreness, not anymore. Dr. Goldstein’s treatment is definitely working. Amy F.

As a track runner it was hard to do stride outs, jogging and getting on my toes. After about two weeks of treatments, I’ve noticed leaps in improvement and I’m able to jog and do sprints. I can now start practicing again and slowly get back into my regular workout and increase intensity. – Ray K.

I had a searing pain in my neck. No amount of stretching could have made it go away. I took Ibuprofen and used heating pads – the pain didn’t start to significantly subside until I came to see Dr. Goldstein. Now it’s gone. – Jaime P.

I had a weird foot pain for a few weeks that only happened after I touched a certain part of my foot. Dr Goldstein told me it was related to my kidney. The pain is almost totally gone and I also have more energy in the mornings, which was something I didn’t even realize I was missing until I got it back! – Tom W.

The pain in neck and shoulders was due to an Auto/ATV accident. Pain was 7-8 and worsened when I was active for only a couple of hours at a time. Pain is now rare, gone more or less and I feel stronger and healthier. I can work out and be active with no issue. – Jesse P.

I had pain in my shoulder that woke me up at night. I also previously had lower back pain. Dr Goldstein treated both injuries. The lower back pain went away after only 6 visits never to return (3 years ago). The shoulder injury – 7 visits almost all gone. – Jennifer R.

I had severe back pain from stress and injuries to knees from weight lifting. I feel much better now. The back pain has largely been a thing of the past. In addition, I am exercising a lot more and maintaining a much better lifestyle. – Baba A.

I had neck, head and lower back pains. I have been coming to Dr. Goldstein for years even when I lived in Europe. When I came to the U.S, I would see him. I have curvature of the lower spine. My neck and shoulders feel loose. My lower back is also much more flexible. – Diana P.

I had excruciating pain in my lower and middle back on the right side. I visited a number of chiropractors hoping to alleviate this pain. After multiple sessions with these chiropractors, I still was not happy with the lack of progress I had made. After being recommended to Dr. Goldstein by several colleagues of mine, I decided to pay him a visit. Dr. Goldstein gave my condition his utmost attention and was able to identify number of issues I was experiencing (even some that I hadn’t mentioned.) Not only do I feel better, I can honestly say that I feel good. My back pain is truly outdated. I now visit Dr. Barry Goldstein twice a week and I am truly glad that I do. Cameron A.