The Three T’s of Subluxation

People visit chiropractors for many reasons – simple back and neck pain relief being the most common. However, New York Chiropractor Dr. Barry Goldstein treats a range of health issues contributing to your overall well-being.

Most people may be unfamiliar with the term “Vertebral Subluxation”, but this is a major issue recognized in the chiropractic industry. It is used by doctors to describe the improper position of spinal bones. Dr. Barry says vertical subluxation is a stress response; when muscles go into spasm, spinal bones lock up and nerves become misaligned or “choked”. A person with vertical subluxation is likely to experience nerve interference, which disrupts the regulation and control of one’s own body.

What causes vertical subluxation? 

This spinal issue can occur at any age and is caused by the Three T’s: Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts.

Trauma – Major traumas like car accidents, but also small traumas you may not pay attention to: sitting at a desk, carrying a heavy bag on the same side of your shoulder each day, or looking down at a computer for hours.

Toxins – This may come as a surprise, but the things you put into your body are affecting your spinal health. Toxins enter your body through alcohol, pollution, unhealthy foods, and chemicals in cleaning supplies. These toxins lead to muscle contractions and chemical imbalances.

Thoughts – The least obvious of the three T’s is your emotional health, however Dr. Barry knows this can be the main contributor to subluxations. Adults that are stressed about their relationships, their jobs, or money are ultimately causing tension in their neck and back.

A disruption in your nervous system is essentially a disruption of cells, tissues, organs, and all your body systems. A body experiencing this cannot work at 100 percent, so a spine free of vertical subluxation is essential. Ongoing care with New York chiropractor Dr. Barry can help you maintain optimal health.