Avoid Back Pain at Work

You might love spending time at your job, but sitting at a desk all day can have negative effects on your body over time. Spending hours sitting down and staring at a computer can lead to crippling back pain over time. Years of this will cause immense pain and will inevitably affect your work performance and your health.

Along with professional care from New York Chiropractor Dr. Barry, there are simple ways you can avoid back pain and discomfort while at work:

  1. Don’t lean forward toward your computer.
  2. Keep your head up above your shoulders, and focus on aligning your head and neck.
  3. Keep your mouse close so you don’t overreach for hours at a time.
  4. Select a chair with lumbar support. You want your back to rest against a supportive back, while the top is slightly reclined.
  5. Try to keep your torso about an arm’s length from the monitor.
  6. Position your knees at a 90-degree angle, directly above your ankles.
  7. Keep your feet flat on the floor, and shoulder width apart. This will decrease tension in your knees and ankles, that will travel up to your back.
  8. Once an hour, get up from your desk and stretch, walk around, and boost your circulation. Periodic stretching will give your spinal disks a much-needed break.
  9. Don’t cross your legs! It may seem comfortable, but crossing your legs interrupts blood flow and blocks you from keeping your spine straight.
  10. Never pin the phone between your head and your shoulder. This movement puts a heavy strain on your neck.

Don’t wait for your monthly visit to a New York chiropractor – try these tips to avoid back pain and protect your neck and spine while at work.