Linking Chiropractic Services and Nutrition

Chiropractors speak to people suffering from back pain and neck pain daily, and Dr. Barry Goldstein, a Times Square chiropractor, is no different. People seek chiropractic services every day in the U.S. One thing that separates Dr. Goldstein from his chiropractor peers is his multiple areas of expertise. The expert Times Square chiropractor combines his experience as a licensed chiropractor and his knowledge in clinical nutrition to heal the body while avoiding the use of drugs and surgery.

These unique perspectives have aided Dr. Goldstein in healing his patients. For years, the connection to nutrition and posture has been commonly understood. For example, without calcium we would not have the strong healthy bones that we need to keep us from slumping over. Although that maybe the most obvious connection between chiropractic services and nutrition, it is not the only one.

Carrying excessive weight in key places on our body can have an effect on our posture. Diets lacking in vitamin D and C have been linked to osteoporosis; and poor nutrition leads to low energy and thus more natural slumping in general.  On a deeper level, our diets and the supplements we take have an effect on our posture and our overall wellbeing.

For any medical practitioner, the number one priority is the health and wellbeing of patients. Dr. Barry Goldstein is a provider of chiropractic and nutrition services in Times Square and Midtown West. Combining these two disciplines, Dr. Goldstein hopes to make a difference in the lives of the people he sees every day.